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In your school life, or college life or even in your professional life when you go out in the world as an adult, there is something that could haunt you still. And it isn’t the past. It is acne. Not to scare anyone but one should always be on the lookout for this terrible skin condition. It is only after one gets it does one realize how horrible it actually is and how one should have done everything to prevent it. Well, in case you do have it, this article might help you a lot. Along with knowing all about acne, one needs to know how to treat it in the first place. And although there are various options available, natural remedies have this mysterious graceful healing thing going on that most people absolutely love!

Acne Treatment With Banana Peels
Let’s get right down to it without further ado. Many people have treated acne with banana peels. It might sound awfully weird to you or perhaps even a joke but it is actually true. Try doing your research and you will come to know exactly what the math between acne and banana peels are.

Why Treat Acne With Banana Peels?
It is no longer a myth but a fact that banana peels can actually help with treating acne. Now, this does not mean that one only uses banana peels, one should take benefit of the entire fruit. Nonetheless, here is how and why banana peels can treat acne:

  • Banana fruit and the peel included contain a great amount of vitamin C. Whoever knows a lot about the human body will know how significant vitamin C is for the skin. To maintain the skin’s elasticity and integrity, this particular vitamin is pretty important. It helps a lot to battle acne with this involved.
  • Banana peel also contains vitamin B6 which is again a B complex vitamin which is necessary for good skin health.
  • Manganese and antioxidants present in the banana also are a huge element to treat acne. We know that antioxidants are responsible for the skin related reactions and that their amount would prove to be beneficial for purposes even other than acne.
  • Along with the other vitamins, banana peel also contains vitamin A which is again a pretty essential vitamin. It helps keep the skin moisturized which saves it from being dry and irritated and thus saves it from further aggravating the acne.
  • Lutein is a component which helps protect your skin from any sun damage or sunburn of any sort. And…you guessed it, banana peel has it!

How To Treat Acne With Banana Peels?
Here are a few simple instructions that you have to follow. It won’t take much science or any hard work. You just need to know how to do it!

  1. Buy a banana and make sure that the peel is yellow and black in color. The green bananas that are not even ripe yet will not benefit you as much. In fact, it is unknown whether green banana peels have any effect on acne or not.
  2. Eat the banana. You need all the vitamins in the banana as well as the minerals present. Save the peel.
  3. Take the peel and be sure to rub the inside surface of it on the area which has acne. However, you have to be certain that you are using the inside surface and be gentle. Do not be harsh while rubbing. Do it for ten minutes, changing the peel after every three minutes since a banana has about three or four sides, depends on how you have peeled it!
  4. Often people wash their face after the process. That is wrong. Do not wash your face. Wait a little for the effects to occur and wash your face only when you deem it necessary if it is dirty or something or perhaps you are going to sleep. Other than that, there is no need.
  5. Repeat this process daily. Do not stop until you see an effect. And do not worry about any side effects, doing this will not harm your skin in any way unless you are using a germ infested banana peel and using it harshly on your skin! But surely it will not come to that, as said above be gentle and ensure that the peel is a good yellow and black!

Surprised? Home remedies are often not given enough credit but those who have used the banana peel technique on their acne are pretty happy. They notice a marked difference after a few days and then begin to enjoy the exercise seeing that it has also produced results. If you have acne, try it out. You might just have found what you were looking for.


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