The diet is very important when it comes to acne. One of the leading causes of acne is an improper diet. People don’t realize that the largest and one of the most important organs of the body is the skin and they should eat vegetables and fruits to give it all the nutrients it deserves to glow and be beautiful. With all the pollution around, one should know how to provide an anti-toxic effect to neutralize the damage caused. Exercise is also essential and so is water, the vital of all elements, for life and for skin.

You will come to know all about the foods that are good for your skin and why they’re good.

Avoid these foods if you have Acne

Doctors have not yet reached any conclusion about the effects food can cause on acne. There is widespread acceptance of chocolate as the forbidden substance because it is known to cause acne but truth is told, there is no evidence of such a thing. However, there are some foods that are acknowledged amongst groups of people with acne who recommend not eating these because chances of the acne becoming severe are raised. The foods mainly consist of dairy products, cooked fats and some meat. Caffeine is also a big no.

If you have Acne, what do you eat to make it better?

You know what to stay away from but of course, more important is to know what to take during acne. High quality nutrients like vegetables and fruits that will have vitamins and minerals are likely to bring about the result that you want. Since hormones play a big part in the changing of the skin and the onset of acne, there are some foods that control all this and prevent acne formation. Some of these are flax seeds  oats, celery, rhubarb and primrose oil. Other than these, there are ten foods that reduce the acne. They are:
• Avocado
• Mango
• Papaya
• Watercress
• Garlic
• Celery
• Olives
• Brazil Nuts
• Pumpkin Seeds
• Herbs

How do Acne-friendly minerals help?

Acne-friendly minerals are those minerals that help in the prevention of acne or the healing process after a person is suffering from acne.

What are they?

• Zinc is an acne-friendly mineral. It is important for healing and for growth of a normal and healthy skin. It is a requirement for skin cells to promote protein growth and is also important for germ cells in the process of reproduction. Research indicates that zinc reduces acne and is often depicted at showing results that are expected by usage of antibiotics in this case. Zinc is found in mushrooms and spinach, to name a few.
• Selenium is also a mineral which is significant in the process of utilization of the vitamin E which plays a part in the prevention and reduction of acne. Some enzymes also use selenium in keeping the skin healthy. Barley, mushrooms, salmon, shrimp, cod and sunflower seeds contain selenium, to name a few.
• Chromium, another mineral that is the most deprived of in humans in the current day. Its deficit causes a high concentration of insulin and glucose in the blood and a close connection is found with high blood glucose levels and acne. Some sources of Chromium are cereals, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and oysters.
• Magnesium is perhaps the most important. It is active in producing protein in all the tissues present in the human body, even the skin. To get magnesium in the system, one must have a diet of Swiss chard and broccoli and turnip greens and pumpkin seeds.

How do acne-friendly vitamins help?

Vitamins that help in reducing the acne that one is suffering from or even preventing it before it makes the person miserable, are known as acne-friendly vitamins and they help immensely by providing the right kind of nutrients and medium to the skin.


What are they?

• Vitamin A is important. It consists of many of the same effects as retinoid drugs and too much can be bad for health at times so it is a must to ask your doctor about the dosage. Pregnant women and people with liver disease are recommended not to take too much vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables and liver of animals contain vitamin A.

• Vitamin B3 is also another acne-friendly vitamin. The three types of vitamin B help a lot in acne prevention and are often found in skin care products. You’ll see the name on the ingredients at the back of the bottle. Mushrooms and Tuna have vitamin B3 in them as do salmon and beef liver.
• Vitamin C is the best for your skin. It revives the skin you could say because it is important in collagen formation and function. It brings out the greatest of complexions and is the best of healers. Citrous fruits contain a lot of vitamin C.

• Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and the best use of it against acne is that it prevents excessive water loss from the body. As you may know, water is very important for a fresh and healthy skin. It also treats scars and heals them quickly. Sunflower, canola and olives are some foods that have vitamin E in them. Avocado nuts also have it and so do green vegetables.

Finally, adding a quality herbal anti-acne kit will definitely help you achieve the results of these diets faster and quicker than before.  It’s not just about the diet. Treatment is also important.



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