Introduction and Background

Have you ever noticed when you are sick how much better you feel after you have taken a nap. Sleep is as vital as nutrition, air and water. Loss of sleep generally leads to various health problems including acne. The proper amount of sleep can really get you rid of acne. Sleep is an important mechanism which regulates body functions and builds immunity power to resist diseases. Sleep deprivation can lead to certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, decrease in power of immune system, hormone’s abnormal function and other health problems. Lack of proper sleep suppresses the immune system which leads to skin-related problems, such as rashes and acne on the face. Sleep deprivation can indeed aggravate acne and leave permanent scars on your face. The lack of sleep can be seen reflected on the face. Does lack of sleep directly cause the break outs? The answer to this question is that it contributes to the factor that directly affects them. The importance of sleep can be understood easily by the fact that one would actually die earlier of sleep deprivation before would die of starvation. And this is because sleep is the time when our body cells regenerate.

Factors leading to acne

The two basic factors that are reasons for acne are inflammation and insulin resistance. Lack of sleep aggravates both of these conditions so contributing to acnes.

Sleep Deprivation, acne and inflammation

Inflammation directly causes acne and sleep deprivation aggravates inflammation. Loss of sleep relates to the production of procytokines in the blood and cause inflammation. These are chemicals causing inflammation. The more you have them in your blood the worse the inflammatory condition. When they are increased in blood the inflammatory condition of the body worsens. It is also true that loss of sleep even for a single night, increases inflammation and autoimmune disorders. This inflammation is a reason for acne on skin. In order to get rid of acne, you should get more sleep.

Sleep Deprivation, acne and Insulin Resistance

One serious consequence of deprivation of sleep that causes acne is insulin resistance. This condition makes it more difficult for the body cells to take in glucose. Insulin is a hormone produces by pancreas and takes up glucose. While sleeping its quantity in blood increases and glucose metabolism is performed. Lack of sleep causes less glucose to be taken up and thus reduction in sleep duration results in impaired glucose tolerance. When glucose is not used up by cells it stagnates and become a feeding area for bacteria and causes acne.

Inflammation and insulin resistance are like two sides of the same coin. One reinforces the other and this creates a ferocious cycle. Whether sleep deprivation induced insulin resistance is the result of inflammation but it can be concluded that that both are major factors of causing acne.

Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue/Stress and Acne

Sleep deprivation increases stress. Stress leads to more acne. Sleep deprivation was found to enhance activity on the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis which controls reactions to stress and regulates body functions such as digestion, the immune system, mood, sex, or energy usage while suppressing growth hormones. When you are in stressful situation the hypothalamus releases stress hormones. These hormones along with other conditions cause break outs.

Sleep Deprivation, hormone flow and acne

Hormones regulate all the systems in the body. Sleeplessness affects hormone flow which regulates glucose metabolism. This causes various diseases including acne. People who suffer from eating disorders due to lack of sleep also suffer from acne. Deprivation of sleep affects hormones that induce hunger and regulate appetite. Thus eating disorder also affects skin condition leading to acne growth.

Get Good Sleep

To get rid of acne you know well what to do now. With proper sleeping routine along with right diet and proper hygiene you can lessen your break outs. Remember it’s the quality of sleep that matters more than the hours of sleep. Try getting good sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. You will not only feel good as it affects our moods but also can fight back certain medical conditions including acne.


It can safely be said that lack of sleep can make your acne worse. I f sleep deprived be certain you will not get clear of acnes. Sleep deprivation would lead to the acne skin no matter how much good diet are you taking. It is indeed a natural heeler. Sleep is one crucial part of the puzzle to get clear skin. So make it sure you get proper sleep. To be healthy and cure acne all you need is a good, proper and right amount of sleep. Sleep refreshes and relaxes both body and mind. This is the time our body needs to get heel and repair systems wherever necessary.


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