Introduction And Background

Acne doesn’t really need an introduction but a little about the background would be sufficient in this article. It is a skin condition which does not really have any origins. It probably has been around for centuries because people get pimples due to various reasons and these reasons were probably valid even a long time ago. The symptoms of acne mostly consist of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules etc. They are accumulated in a single area of the skin and are not really good to look at it. Acne is feared by many people because of is after affects which include depression and lowered self-esteem along with a shyness from public appearances.


Is Acne Curable?
Let’s get this question out of the way before proceeding any further. Yes, acne is very much curable. It is a common and popular misconception that acne cannot be cured by treatment and it either disappears over time or leaves scars for you to deal with the rest of your life. This isn’t true. You have to deal with your acne as soon as it arrives. The sooner you start a treatment process, the sooner it is healed. Healing the skin takes time but this does not mean that it will never get better or you should just leave it be. You should do something about it. There are numerous treatment processes available. One should look them up and then start up on it if they want to get rid of their acne as soon as possible.


The Meaning Of Self-Medication
Self medication does not mean that you make your own medicine and then take it. It means that you take medicine without consulting an elder or authorized person or at best a doctor. One should always consult or take advice from a doctor before taking any sort of medicine otherwise it can even become life threatening at times. Even taking iron syrup or tablets without considering instructions or general advice can become fatal in some cases.


Is Self-Medication Good In Acne?
No it is not good at all. Self-medication is never a good option and should be avoided at all costs. Taking in medicines and putting on creams are two very different things and although both can have different consequences if you are not careful enough, the cream will not affect your entire system as the medicine intake can. Self-medication is not good in acne. Don’t even think about it. There is a very famous case study about a young fourteen year old girl who wanted to get rid of her acne so administered doses of Vitamin A tablets for an entire year just so she could get beautiful skin. Now we all know that Vitamin A is actually good for the skin but we also know that high doses of it can be dangerous, especially since the young girl took large doses of it in a short period of time. She was basically self-medicating herself, something which she shouldn’t have done.


Know Self-Medication In Acne
Don’t start thinking that buying acne treatment kits online is a form of self-medication for acne. This isn’t the case here. The treatment kits are designed in a way which is safe and good for all and they prove no potential harm to you. Moreover, they are not taken in the body but rather mostly applied on the skin; topical forms of treatment. Do not worry about them. Even dermal creams which are available over the counter are safe; as long as you know how to use them and they do not pose to be irritating to your skin. After all, anyone can have an allergic reaction. Eating your daily vitamins is also not self-medication because surely you checked how many you’re supposed to have on a daily basis according to your age. But having too much of a single thing can be bad such as the large doses of vitamin A.


Self Treat Not Self Medicate
These words should be clear to you. It is okay to treat your acne by yourself by going through various well researched methods such as herbal processes or putting such foods in your diet which will help heal and cure the skin. But never self-medicate. It can be utterly dangerous and cannot only make the skin worse but also get you in trouble with your own body. Hopefully you know the difference by now and will not make the same mistake as those who have done this before you.


We all hate acne but hurrying up the treatment process without any research will do no good. It is better to start the treatment process as soon as possible but not knowing much about is bad. Make sure you’ve got both ends covered before dwelling into anything.




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