Acne is the most searched topic in internet and surfers need more and more advanced and updated information about the disease, in this context, social media has played a vital role to trace out the causes, symptoms, and possible solution to the most troublesome matter in the lives of most individuals. Through internet and specifically with availability of social media, people can get a lot of relevant researches and modern studies on Acne.
Acne is clinically named as Acne vulgaris. Commonly called as “acne”, it is one of the most common human diseases and usually affects the areas of skin with seborrhea. This makes normal skin the scaly red skin with blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, above all it makes the skin scarred.
According to surveys and statistics, most of the people suffering from Acne are young; this is proved absolutely right through recent researches that people in the age of adolescence suffer more with acne as compared to other stages of human development. It is, on the other hand, observed that people using internet are of all age and search for the most appropriate solution of one the major skin disease prevailing. They do not want an obsolete treatment but a new one that would work quickly. For this purpose social media is helping them a great deal as it refers to the most authenticated and updated treatment and cure for this world-wide renowned disease, with proper specialist advise, medicine, current under study cases, different shortcomings etc.
Internet is the most resourceful medium of investigation and state of the art studies; where, one can have best and reliable collection of facts and figures in accordance with Acne. Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others can be quite handy in providing essential data and ways of treatment of Acne.

Acne and Blogs

People are having definite problems in terms of having valid information of Acne, so they are very much aware of the fact of invalid and unreliable blogs regarding Acne. They definitely have great awareness of that and go for highly dignified and sophisticated blogs in the internet which simply minimizes their difficulties and sufferings from Acne as it takes a lot of time to be cured.


Acne and Facebook

Patients of Acne must be well satisfied with the use of Facebook, as it provides immense pleasure when they join different forums, groups, pages by the specialists in the field of medicine and skin in general and Acne in particular. Patients go for different shared posts of other patients within their friends and fraternity. They have a great deal of satisfaction and comfort when they share their problems and to get solutions of those while using Facebook. Facebook, being most commonly used internet social website provides a first hand information and detailed treatment for Acne.


Acne and Twitter

Social platform in internet like Twitter is really facilitating patients in a very interesting manner so that they get more précised view and information about Acne. The sharing of great information, ideas, experiences, treatments and remedial measures about Acne are simply a Tweet away now. Twitter encourages individuals to look for possible results of using Anti-Acne medicines, creams, or any advanced treatment like laser technology, through following their family members, friends and even people they do not know, but have shared any related information about Acne.


Acne and YouTube

YouTube is an advantageous element in any field of life and especially in the field of medicine. If search about Acne, it provides highly remarkable and significant data in audio and visual form that makes the learning and comprehension regarding Acne and its possible treatment more favorable to the common people. YouTube  being a leading website of its kind, guide individuals with the most popular, watched, top ranked video clips that enable people to search items of their own interest in terms of nature of their disease and condition of Acne.


All in all, thanks to the advancements in IT and particularly in social media, awareness about various diseases and their solutions has become increased like anything in the recent past. Even treatment options are now numerous and all available online. All you need to do is carefully compare and research each option and choose what seems the safest and the best for your skin.


  1. I am sorry to say this, but I wholeheartedly diagsree. I am sure you will delete this response. I have used the dermarollers since 2009, so, that’s almost 2 years. I used it on several areas and in several ways. I used it very lightly, for prolonged periods of times, like you are explaining in this video, and I have used them with very long needles, in a heavy traumatic way every 7 weeks. I haven’t seen any any improvement AT ALL, I can guarantee you that this stuff is useless. I promise


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