Introduction And Background

Acne is a really common skin condition. There is little possibility that you’ll never see it in your life because you might get it or someone around you might have it. It is also the most terribly feared of all skin conditions because of the way it looks. You see spots and pimples accumulated in a single area which is usually around the face. No one wants their face to look like that, do they? Well, there are chances that the country you live in could somehow affect the statistics and probability of your getting acne! Acne is not common in some areas and is fairly common in other areas. In this article, we’ll be considering North America.

Statistics Of Acne In North America
About sixty to seventy percent of all Americans get acne in their lifetime. From that percentage, about fifty percent get acne in their teen years while the other percent get acne in their adulthood. Acne is fairly common in this continent, more so in any other part of the world. There are several reasons to that.

Why Is It Common?
Acne is common in North America because:

  • Genetic reasons. Acne is influenced a lot by genetics. The probability of your getting acne increases if your parents had acne. That means in all situations you will most likely get acne unless you’re lucky enough not to. The genetics of acne is really strong in North America. This is why it is so common there.
  • The skin of North Americans is sensitive in some parts of the area. Persons of some races are more affected by the acne vulgaris than those of others. We’ll agree that North Americans are that race.
  • Stress also brings about acne. Although schooling anywhere is the same, it is true that social and peer pressure is more common in schools of North American than it is in…say Asia. Well, schooling matters because that is the age of puberty and that is the age where people are more prone to getting acne. If they are under stress, it could easily instigate acne or aggravate a simple case of pimples to form acne.
  • The diet also matters a lot in acne. North Americans are obese and they usually do not follow on a good diet because of the cheap fast food available. This is also a reason why children get acne.

What Can A Person Do About Acne?
Just because acne is common in North America does not mean that they should give up hope and stay with the skin condition. Acne can be cured. This is one of the myths that people need to get out of their heads; there is no solution to acne. A lot of people think that and I have no idea why! Hear this loud and clear; acne can be cured. One has to start following the proper treatment and they have to set the right diet and soon their skin will be back to normal. Of course, a little patience is required because curing acne is a long process. It does not happen in just a number of days but can actually take weeks to happen. One has to wait to see the effects. Do not give up on the treatment process because no difference is being made. The difference will be made. Just make yourself know constantly that it takes long and you’ll be fine.

How Important Is The Diet In Curing Acne?
The diet is extremely important. Do not think that the diet does not matter and you can just apply creams and be on the way to curing acne. You have to eat the right foods as well so that new, better and good skin can grow when the acne clears off. You should make sure that you eat fruits and vegetables daily along with drinking a sufficient or even excessive amount of water daily. Water is also an important component of the diet that helps a lot in curing acne. It makes the skin glow and keeps it fresh looking. It also removes the toxicity inside the body which shows clearly on the skin. The acne also clears up faster if you drink water. This shows that what you apply externally is equally as important as what you take internally.

North Americans are quite blessed generally. They have a great economy and a great system of government. However, the acne problems persists but they need not worry about that. If you are a parent, make sure that your child has the right diet and takes care of the skin if you had acne when you were their age. If you are young enough to get acne yourself, take care of the skin and eat the right diet!


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