Introduction and Background

Acne, being a burden for people of young age can be controlled well if they systematically attempt to handle it. Though the reason of this disease is understandable quite easily in much case the treatment of this is not widely accepted. Some people are waiting and waiting for an automatic recovery, some are late to start taking the step for relief. There are also some people who consider it as a bad sign of youthfulness and never take positive step to remove or control it. Since hundred percent of people can be told upon with this there is no reason to consider it as a curse and obviously, this is not a life threatening disease.

About Acne

Sebaceous glands in the hair follicle becomes stimulated because of individual’s puberty and causes excessive availability of sebum, a kind of oil which can be mingled with the dead cells of skin and consequently causes the appearance of acne. Since sebaceous glands are stimulated because of the puberty, the probability of availing acne is higher at the young age. Acne treatment cannot be a onetime package and if you are not getting desired results having antibiotics and creams or if you are unable to endure the side effect of the medication you had better contact with your physician soon. It is important, because you are not receiving satisfactory result with your primary attempt and it is likely that you will get various counseling from various people until you have entered into your doctor’s office.


Topical Treatment

For mild acne you can control it using topical treatment such as using gel, cream, or appropriate liquid. You are to apply them lightly over the damaged area twice a day. You can go for using solution which contains azelaic acid, salicyclic acid, or benzoyl peroxide over the affected tracts on the skin. Your physician may want you to use topical solution which consists of antibiotic and vitamins too. Do not consider using an abrasive substance while cleaning the area. For the most expected result your physician will prescribe you to apply these medications after cleaning the area. Don’t forget to dry your skin gently before using these agents. You need to continue using these for 2 or 3 months ceaselessly.

Oral administration

Depending on what makes you get acne your physician may prescribe you to take oral medications. In most cases if your acne is moderate you need to take the course for at least six months. It could be an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory medication, a hormone pill, or a retinoid which you have to absorb through the oral administration.

Light therapy

Blue light therapy has been considered to be effective in treating acne although no remarkable studies have been made to evaluate its capability. In Japan, USA, Taiwan this healing process has been found to be effective to reduce moderate acne in some cases. According to the AcneNet many dermatological journals have published this report quite interestingly. Every session of a blue light therapy involves being in front of a lamp which releases blue light. The light is used for about 15 minutes at a stretch, and the treatment persists for a month while the patient has to take it twice a week. The light is able to kill the bacteria causing acne vulgaris one of the commonest acne among teenagers.

On the other hand the exposure of your skin to sunlight can reduce acne if the environment is associated with dry atmosphere, non humid. However, since sunlight may cause harmful diseases like the skin cancer because of absorbing the devastating ultraviolet ray, sunshine cannot be a part of acne treatment at all.

Physical Treatment

If you have ever heard of cryotherapy, steroid injections, diathermy or dermabrasion you can go for physical treatments. Physical treatment is obviously helpful for against acne vulgaris, but they can hardly root out the indisposition. But, they are effective in caring the skin and proper nurturing a good health indeed.


Opening the acne related websites you can see people’s depictions about their problems with acne. In the past all of those were complaints. Most recently people started giving their positive feedbacks regarding the effectiveness of acne treatment. This is inspirational for sure, but you have to keep a keen eye in order to avail such treasures as a part of your acne treatment. The more information you have about your treatment the more you can derive the proper result.

Acne vulgaris has been becomes almost a headache for teenagers. Most people containing acne do not know how to remove these or how to be better doing the best about helping the symptom disappear. Someone becomes confused while selecting the option of treatments they should do. Inappropriate practice with acne out of the treatment can lead people have spots and begets rapid infections over the affected area.






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