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Acne and lifestyle are very well inter-related and complementary to each other. There are several other factors also that result in the growth of Acne on your face or the body. These include family medical history, improper diet, exposure to constant sunlight, heavy medications, and maintenance of improper skin hygiene. All these are a part of bad lifestyle which is the root cause of most health problems especially acne and pimples on the face. It has been widely believed that a bad lifestyle not only affects our health drastically that involves both mental and physical problems too.

Indeed, we all live in a quite busy and stressful world. Our busy work schedules, active social lives, and lack of sleep can all cause us to neglect our health. Not many know that a bad lifestyle has severe impact on the emotional, psychological and mental health. And most unfortunately, it reflects on one’s face too especially the skin.

Lets understand what a bad lifestyle implies and how it causes acne. It includes lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, usage of make up regularly, excessive intake of caffeine, sleeping with make up on face, exposure to dust and wind daily, unhygienic living conditions, irregular meal consumption, hyper-tension and regular eating of junk and oily food. You may wonder that sudden breakouts of dark patches, pigmentation and acne especially on your important day and please remember that these don’t occur overnight but happen due to prolonged existence of a bad lifestyle. Several research have established the fact that acne is the result of a bad lifestyle that also includes stress and anxiety. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Acne and stress work under a vicious circle where they provoke and then develop each other.

There are several aspects of a good lifestyle that can actually prevent the growth of Acne in the long run. If you realize that there is enough stress, tension, anxiety in your life then learn to cope with it than just ignoring it. Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable and is an integral part of everyone’s life. Regular stress not only removes the glow and fairness from your skin but impacts your health in general too and is a cause of major disease like Blood pressure, heart ailments and hairfall. You must utilize your free time by doing things that makes you pleased. You can watch a comedy movie or go out with your special friends or take a hot shower after you return from work. Besides you can also read good spiritual or inspiring book of a good author. In addition, take a long vacation to a beach with your family and relatives. These have amazing results on your body and face.

Also, you can try few asanas of yoga or some exercises that include deep breathing or meditation. These exercises have a deep impact on your health and are sure to help you regain the natural glow of skin. Deep breathing exercises helps air to penetrate into your skin and increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation automatically makes your skin glow, become oil free, healthy, fresh and beautiful. The only difference between a good lifestyle and a bad one is the visible health which speaks volumes. The ability to recognize the bad habits and turning them into good ones sooner is the key to a healthy skin and body as a whole.

If needed you can also go for various vitamin and mineral supplements to provide much needed nutrients to your body which otherwise may be missing. Once your body has all the nutrients it will build enough resistance to fight against acne and pimples without using medicines. You must try to avoid excess caffeine and replace it with some organic and green teas, these have stress-reducing elements and are antioxidant herbs that elevates your mood. Develop the habit of going for a brisk walk every morning and evening. A good amount of exposure to fresh air early morning and sunlight will help you maintain a healthy skin and body by allowing air to breathe into your body and releasing all harmful toxins within.

Doctors also advise upon regular consumption of 8-10 glasses of water in a good lifestyle. This is because drinking plenty of water everyday keeps the skin hydrated and healthy, oil free and eventually gives you clean and natural skin. No matter how tired you are, develop the habit of a daily skin care routine.



Dieticians across the globe stress upon avoiding harmful cosmetics on face. Improper usages of low quality make ups and cosmetics that are not well researched have direct impact on your skin and can worsen the acne. Last, you must keep a check on your weight because obesity may cause insulin resistance, leading to growth of stringent acnes.



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