Treatment of different diseases with the help Laser technology is becoming very much influential these days. Laser therapy is termed to be an immediate and instant prevention and cure of the disease. Acne is basically considered as either incurable or slowly curable disease as far as regular medicines are concerned as it takes a lot of time to vanish from the skin, leaving dark scars on the skin even after proper medicines and treatment. Laser therapy is actually designed to prevent the pimples, whiteheads, blackheads etc. from the skin in its true sense. In recent times, laser therapy is also considered as not too much expensive as it used to be in the past.


When is laser therapy recommended / used?

Doctors normally advice for three treatments one after the each month and is with in the range of the patients to have a proper treatment from their budget. Laser therapy for various diseases are CO2 Lasers, Diode Lasers, Dye Laser, Fiber Lasers, Gas Lasers, Free Electron Lasers, Optical Parametric Oscillators etc but therapy for acne includes Pulsed Dye, Diode, Infrared, Pulsed Light etc.
Laser therapy is feasible when the skin of the individual and nature of Acne is being well judged by the Doctor and if he feels comfortable to use Laser for the treatment of Acne he then must advise the patient as because of the sensitivity of the skin of the patient, it can result in more dangerous and harmful side effects for the patient.

Laser Therapy is effective if it is supervised by trained specialist and above all if the specialist recommends to go for the option of laser therapy, as sometimes cases have been seen that (in which) unfortunately people suffering from acne could not handle the after effects of the therapy and results in further problem.
Most of the doctors suggest Laser Therapy after examining the patient and feeling that the normal treatment is not producing desired results and finally they feel inevitable to have Laser therapy of the patient.


Patients with Acne on their necks, arms, chests and backs are normally treated with laser for better results and that too is after having the patient’s tests and diagnosing the severity of Acne.


A painless procedure

Treatment through laser is commonly said to be the painless procedure. We do know that with the use of appropriate laser for the skin as per the requirement of the patients skin keeps it more effective in terms of better results in future. Doctors do prefer laser therapy as it carries a lot of potential to minimize the redness of the skin and Acne itself can be cured in a better manner.


Expected side effects

The biggest issue with the laser therapy is the presence of side effects. It is certainly not a safe therapy because of the risk of skin perforation, bleeding and burning. In fact, side effects can be quite negative as it is observed that people got blisters, burning of the skin, and darkening of the skin etc.


Alternate treatments and methods

Medicine has progressed a lot and just like laser technology many mild and advanced chemicals are available which are very effective against acne and often less pervasive. Topical medications, such as those containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, antibiotics and oral isotretinoin are more readily used. Medicine may also be available in ampoules and injected instead of being taken orally.
Similarly, home remedies are also of great help and comparatively cost less since these make use of items readily available such as icing with ice cubes or using olive oil, lemon juice, cucumber paste etc.



Laser technology has offered a way out and a good one too but sadly it is not within everyone’s reach. It is also not safe and is quite expensive. Natural and herbal remedies are more cost effective and, thus, should always be preferred over other methods.



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