Introduction And Background

They say beauty is skin deep. That means that a person’s beauty lies on the inside and is more important than what he or she looks like on the outside. Well, the problems that lie with beauty are also skin deep then. Acne is a skin condition that everyone fears because it ruins the outer look you’ve got going. However, everyone is worried about how the skin is and all everyone does is pay attention to the spots on the face without realizing what the person who has acne is going through. We forget that the scars that are left on the skin can go deeper than that. We forget the psychological effects and harms it can do to a person.

The Psychological Impact Of Acne
Acne is not just a skin disease but it gets much worse than that, leading to other diseases that are not that easy to deal with, especially in younger ages. Parents, elders and even similar age groups do not realize that having acne can change the mindset considerably and can make you a more introvert person. Here are the three things that come about when you have acne:

  • Low Self-Esteem
    This is one of the major things that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible and is really common in teenagers and young adults. Those who have acne begin to think that they are lesser than others and lose faith in everything they do. They begin to believe that their skin is what defines them and that everybody is more beautiful than them. This makes them unhappy and complaining all the time and it can easily mess with their everyday work and their routine.
  • Low Self-Confidence
    This is the other major thing. With low self-esteem comes low self-confidence as well. You don’t feel like doing anything and you become socially inactive because of the acne problem. It makes you under confident and unsure of yourself and you feel as if nothing is worth doing and everyone will be looking at your acne. This happens a lot with teenagers and it shows clearly in their body language and other signs. Low self-confidence is a horrible thing. It takes all the fun out of life and takes you away from exciting things and chances of life.
  • Depression
    This is the worst and the last step that takes place because of acne. If you’ve had acne or if you know anybody who has it, you’ll know that it does not go away overnight and it takes time for it to heal. There could also be acne scarring if one does not start treatment at the right time. If the acne stays for so long, the low self-esteem and low self-confidence can easily combine into a case of depression where the feeling of being low does not go away. Depression is a disease itself and it could easily create a lot of problems for both children and adults alike. Depression is the psychological impact that most people are looking to avoid in acne. There have been cases where the depression has been known to bring thoughts of suicide. This can get really out of control.

What To Do About The Psychological Impact?
Get help. If you have acne or know a friend or a relative who is facing a bad time because of it, get help yourself and get help for them too. It is better to boost their self-esteem while at it and make them realize that there are worse things in the world. The psychological impact that acne has on children especially is hard to cure. Their age is so fragile and the teasing that comes with it is so harsh that these memories are imprinted in their mind. It is best to teach everyone not to be so unkind to those who have acne and to teach the ones with acne that it is not permanent and they should take steps to heal it rather than hide out.

A Public Service.
If you have friends or are parents of children who have acne, try to boost their self-esteem and get help for them if they seem to be on the path to depression. Acne can be healed. Try setting the person on the treatment process rather than let him or her wallow in sadness over it.

Acne’s scars are not only on the surface, they go deeper than that. Acne can easily haunt a person for the rest of his or her life or cause him or her to ruin one of the happier stages or ages of life. To work as a community is important and if you see anyone who has acne looking unhappy, try doing a public service and make that person happy.


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