Introduction And Background

We all know that acne is not at all the skin condition to be stuck with. It ruins the skin, especially the face area and it puts us in a lot of misery. However, in this article we will not discuss what acne is because everyone in the world is aware of that. We will discuss other aspects of acne and especially the emotional and mental harms it can cause in a person, especially one of a really young age. We will also discuss about acne and inferiority complex and whether or not there is a direct relation between the two things.

What Are The Emotional Harms That Acne Can Cause?

  • Low Self-confidence
    Acne can easily make a person unsure of themselves. It lowers self-confidence and teenagers are very easily affected by all of this. They become quite and would rather keep silent than draw attention to themselves in any way, even in a classroom amongst their own friends!
  • Depression
    In worst cases, acne can also lead to depression. It becomes all that a young girl or boy ever thinks about and it ruins most of their time. They become moody and would rather be alone in their depressed state than be in the public eye because they again don’t want people to look at them in this state.
  • Low Self-esteem?
    Does acne make a person think less of themselves? Yes it does. Here is where an inferiority complex develops. Acne brings low self-esteem as well.

Does Acne Really Cause An Inferiority Complex?
Inferiority complex can be caused due to many different reasons. A friend might have a better car or an acquaintance might go on vacation to where you can’t even dream of going. However, acne is also one of the main reasons of why an inferiority complex is caused.

How Does Acne Cause An Inferiority Complex?
Think of it this way. A girl in your class has the best shoes, the best clothes and the best car but if you have beauty and flawless skin, it something she cannot have and you’re fine with it. But in the end, it all depends on the way you think. Some people are just fine with acne and are comfortable in their own skin no matter how it is while some people dwell and become angry over their acne, leading themselves into a depressed state over it all. They develop an inferiority complex and become anti-social, always thinking that others are better looking and better to talk to than a person who has acne. It causes them to have low self-esteem and always think they are below others!

What To Do About It?

  • If You Have Acne
    It is not the end of the world. Acne is not at all a bearable skin condition, I’ll give you that but it is not a reason to develop an inferiority complex. Sure, the person sitting next to you might have flawless skin but did you ever develop an inferiority complex looking at Angelina Jolie on the big screen? No right? Then should you be threatened by that person sitting next to you? Why can’t you just be normal? And I’ll tell you something. Acne can be cured very easily. Your skin can return back to normal. Instead of wallowing about in self-pity, do something to help yourself. It does take time and you need to be patient but know this, by the end of it you’ll be just fine.
  • If Someone You Know Has Acne
    It is time to knock some sense into that someone. Help that person out, whether it is family or a friend. You know that acne can be cured, tell them the same thing and then guide them to find the right treatment process. It will help immensely in their agenda to achieve perfect skin. And if they are developing an inferiority complex, you know what to tell them! Don’t be harsh in explaining but if they need a good waking up, I say go ahead and do it!

Acne is not a reason to think that you or anyone else is below others. This is not the way it should work. Besides, acne is very much treatable through all the different methods and ways that are now available. Herbal treatment is one of the best ways because the natural herbs that it is made of also give nutrition the skin. They also cure the acne and have absolutely no side effects! However, treat the skin but also treat emotionally. Do not leave that part ignored because one needs to realize that there is way more to life than flawless skin and even if that is all life for them, they can easily get it by acting smartly and quickly on treating their acne.



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