Introduction And Background

Acne is a really sensitive subject for those who have it. Many do not even like to talk about it because they think it makes the spots on their skin more prominent! However, things shouldn’t be this way. One should talk about their skin conditions because it eases things and who knows, you might even learn something from the other person on how to cure it. This is what happened to me. I was sitting with my friends one day when one of them starting complaining about the pimples on her face and she was mighty scared that it would turn into an acne problem. The other friend told her to do something which sounded quite odd to me. She told her to drink green tea. Now, I will tell you why this shouldn’t sound odd to you!

Green Tea
Green tea is a very famous drink, especially around the Asians. Its origin is actually Chinese but it has become popular around the world for being a healthy drink. It is made from leaves of a plant but we don’t need to get into that. What you need to know is that Green tea is actually made from a herb, a leaf and that it can improve your health as well as the condition of your skin.

Why Green Tea For Acne?
When you get acne, the first thing you do is rush to a doctor who recommends a cream to you that you buy as soon as you get out of his office. Well, one thing you should understand is that treating the problem from the inside as well as the outside will fix it completely. Sure, you can apply the cream on the face but that will only treat or lessen the symptoms of acne. It will not deal with or cure the root cause of the problem. Hence, this is where green tea acts in. The drink will not only be good for your health but it will also fix the acne problem from inside the body.

The Relation Of Green Tea And Acne
Green tea is possibly the best thing for acne that you can do while just relaxing at home. It has countless benefits and some of them are not even related to the skin! Hence, once you get to know them, you’ll be shocked. But, read below the relation of green tea with acne.

  • Green tea is actually great to prevent acne, first of all. A lot of people who drink green tea have a very good skin. The chance that they’ll ever get acne is to the minimum.
  • Green tea is a great detoxifier. It detoxifies the blood and makes it run smoothly and cleanly beneath the skin, also benefiting it in the process.
  • Green tea boosts the immunity levels of your body and that helps to fight off the bacteria that has settled into the pores of your skin and have somehow blocked it. It will also prevent the pus from forming in whiteheads or the inflammation and reactivity of the skin from certain antigens.
  • Green tea also maintains the blood pressure and the blood sugar level, both of which can cause acne. This might be unknown to some people but irregular sugar levels in blood are known to be a cause of acne.
  • Green tea also helps to regulate the hormone levels in the body.
  • Green tea rejuvenates the skin and also gives it the glow and fresh looks that it so badly needs and deserves!

Drink Green Tea! Or Even Apply It!
You can easily drink green tea around dinner time. Some people have it before, some people have it after because it also helps the metabolism to function and helps aged people to digest their food easily. This is another one of its benefits! However, green tea is essentially amazing for health, especially for the health of your skin. But if you don’t really want to drink green tea then that is okay. I understand that some people might not develop a taste for it as many don’t like to drink tea as they’d prefer coffee and even if it for their skin, they still can’t bring themselves to drinking a cup every day. In this case scenario, you can always apply the green tea on the face. It won’t be as effective as drinking it but people have known to make paste out of the leaves that make green tea and they say it has worked!

Drink it or paste it, either way, do not miss out on this blessing for the skin! You have the perfect chance to treat your acne. And it doesn’t sound so weird now does it, my friend’s suggestion?


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