Introduction and background

Why is it that in treatment kit advertisements of acne and in online publicity pages, there is always a female demonstrating of using the cream to get rid of her facial acne? Why that is in social forums and communities on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, discussions of acne take place more frequently by women rather than men? Why are there a higher percentage of women with acne than men with acne? Why do young girls suffer more from acne than young boys? All these questions are answered in the following discussion.


Women and Acne, a nightmarish combination

Perhaps it is the way of the world ever since the big bang theory but women generally like to look more beautiful than men. A woman or even a young girl who isn’t of age yet would like to take care of their skin. A man wouldn’t be bothered much by his acne problem and would only go get it checked because his parents would want him to or his partner is forcing him to. Therefore, women are targeted more with commercials because they would do the complete research about acne and how to prevent it. They would fret and worry about their skin and would do positively anything to make it beautiful again or if possible, even more beautiful.


Why Acne is more common in Women?

Statistics and studies show that acne hits females more than it does males. There are a few reasons behind this. Women have a softer skin than men. It is more sensitive as well and would possibly get struck by pimples or acne quicker than a man’s. Women also tend to worry a lot and the psychological and hormonal changes also bring about visible changes in the skin, especially the face. More so, they also wear a lot of make-up and so many chemicals used on the skin, especially if it isn’t even taken off or washed off properly afterwards, would ultimately damage it. Women also stay more inside and by taking care of their figures; they also refrain from eating fatty foods which is a very important component of having a healthier looking skin. Believe it or not, it might also prevent the developing acne.


How should women try to prevent acne?

Acne prevention isn’t that hard when one comes to think of it. Taking care of your skin might just be the easiest thing to do in the world. It starts off by keeping your skin clean, eating the right food and drinking a lot of water. There is no harm in using herbal treatments or using home remedies, if it is helping in making the skin better. And the worst thing a woman can do is try to hide her acne problem beneath ounces and ounces of make-up. This would only further the acne condition to greater heights and the spots would become permanent. The skin, especially a woman’s, is pretty sensitive and should be taken care of the right way.


Know your skin type, and deal with it that way

Often, one hears young girls complaining to each other about having skin that is too oily, or too dry. Seldom does one hear the word ‘perfect combination.’ It is extremely important to know what type of skin you have so as to take care of it that way. A person with dry skin shouldn’t wash their face too much, hence the dead cells on skin would show and it would become rough and weird looking. This could also lead to acne problems. A person with an oily skin is even more in danger of having acne problems because the bacteria would most likely settle in an oily medium than a dry one. Thus, a person with an oily combination should make sure her face doesn’t become too oily with the sebum or else it could really cause problems. Not to be afraid though, acne just doesn’t come like that. Especially if you know you give time to your skin, even if a little.



Nobody denies the fact that skin conditions are more common amongst women, especially Acne. But it can be easily dealt with if one doesn’t panic. Worry also causes spots and pimples to develop on the skin so a stress free treatment is essential for the solution. Just sit back and relax, eat right, sleep right and wash your skin whenever you get the chance. It helps keep it clean and rids it of the bacteria settling on it. And yes, most importantly, do use a quality anti-acne treatment system or kit that will not only help treat acne but will also prevent its occurrence. This way, acne is a just a nightmare that will never happen. Or else, women with acne become a nightmare. Only kidding!


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