Introduction And Background

There are various reasons of why we get acne. It could be the fact that we do not take good care of the skin and the clogged pores and the dirt can easily become a case of acne. It could be that the environment affects our skin a lot and the simple two or three pimples that rose have aggravated to become acne! It could also be an allergic reaction our skin had to some sort of thing we came in contact with and we get acne because of that or it could be because of the continent we live in! Yes, location does matter when we talk about acne. The specific location we will talk about now is the continent of Europe!

Statistics Of Acne In Europe
Acne is fairly uncommon in Europe compared to other parts of the world. Obviously, they are not completely devoid of acne but it is fairly less. The occurrence of acne in Europe is about twenty percent in the entire population which is extremely less compared to any other part of the world. It is the adults mostly who get acne in Europe in great contrast with the children of North America who were prone to getting acne.

Why Is It Uncommon?
There are several reason of why acne is uncommon in Europe. We can all agree to the fact that there is a genetic persistence of acne and that races are affected by it. Well, here you will know that the genes of acne are dormant in Europe. This is one of the reasons why it is uncommon. Other reasons are:

  • Europe does not get a lot of sun. In most countries, the weather is chilly and it rains most of the time. This plays a huge part because there is little sun to aggravate the skin or cause any sort of sweating or secretion of oil. This helps in keeping the skin clean enough so there is little chance that anyone will get acne.
  • Europeans are pretty specific about their diets and they like eating vegetables too. This keeps them on a safe side with most of the skin conditions because they are getting the good diet. It saves them from acne.
  • The weather there is on the colder side than the warmer. This again plays a huge role in making sure the skin stays clean which is why acne is uncommon in Europe.

Is Acne Curable?
Yes, acne is very much curable. If you are from Europe, chances are that you will not get acne but if by any chance you do, do not lose hope. We know that it is uncommon in Europe and it will probably affect you more because very few people have it but don’t let that get you down. Remember, stress can only aggravate the acne further. It is better to start the treatment process right away and not to wait at all because the acne can get worse if left untreated and even though it can be cured, the healing process takes long. You would want to start right away to avoid any delays in curing your skin.

What Treatment Process To Follow?
There are various methods of treating acne. Some people just start eating healthy and take good care of their skin, eventually waiting for the acne to subside by itself. Some people go to the doctor and get dermal creams which are helpful. Some people also follow the herbal treatment of curing acne which is not really common in the European part of the world but with some help you might be able to get it. It is in fact a good way of curing acne and actually helps the skin in other ways as well by providing certain nutrition and elements. The herbal treatment supplements also do not cost that much so your pockets won’t be empty and they have no side effects so that won’t be a worrying factor to you.

How Long Does It Take To Cure Acne?
It takes long to cure acne. In fact, anything that has to do with curing the skin takes long. You have to be patient. It can take weeks and months to cure acne and it all depends on the severity of the situation. If the acne is mild, chances are it’ll be cured quickly but if the acne is severe then you might have to wait more than just a few weeks for it to clear off. Just be persistent in the treatment process and you’ll end up with clear skin.

If you are living in Europe, you’ll be a lucky duck. Acne is not common in Europe as you can see the above statistics. Well, those who are not living there might start moving there!


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