Introduction And Background

Say no to racism, that is the thing that we are taught. All humans are equal. Now, that isn’t true.  The fact is, no one is similar, not even people of the same race or ethnicity. They all should be treated equally but their body parts, skin and hair differ severely from one another. A person from Asia will be different from a person from Europe. The same goes for America and Africa. Thus, the acne also affects differently. Ethnicity has a role to play in Acne because it is more common in some races than in others.

How Common Is Acne?
Acne is very common. Almost everyone experiences it sometime in their life. There are few, almost a twenty percent of the entire population of the Earth who have flawless skin throughout their lifetime. Acne is more common in the stages of puberty. This is because of the various hormonal changes that are occurring and due to the stress and drastic body changes experienced. Acne is more common in teenagers than any other age group. However, it is not rare in adults. They get acne too but at a less percentage than the teenagers.

Ethnicity And Acne; The Relation
Now, you might have noticed that many dark skinned people do not have acne. In fact, if you come to think about it, it would be very rare that you come across a person who has dark skin and has acne. Thus, there is a relation between ethnicity and acne but it mostly has to do with skin structure. Dark skinned people usually have a thick skin which is tough. Light skinned people usually have sensitive skin which can even get aggravated or irritated due to a few hours or even sometimes minutes, of sunlight. It also has to do with the amount of melanin present. In short, there are some races which are more prone to acne than others.

Why The Difference?
You’ll be wondering why the difference in the ratios of getting acne, right? Well, a little of the answer has been given to you above but it will be discussed in greater detail here. We all know that genetics play a part in acne. If the parents had it or the grandparents had it or even the siblings had it, it is likely that you will get acne too. So, in a specific race, there are more chances of them getting acne due to their genes. The other reason is of course the skin. If dark skin is harder and more durable than the skin of fair people then the chances of them getting acne is less. Dark skinned people do get acne and their acne is sometimes more severe than anything the light skinned people have ever seen but the facts remain that they are less likely to get it.

Are The Treatment Processes Any Different?
No. Treatment processes of acne in all kinds of skin colors are the same. The creams used by dark skinned people are the same as those used by light skinned people. They can get acne because of different reasons and it can be more common in a skin type but their treatments do not vary. They can try out dermal creams as recommended by the doctor or they can turn to the herbal method. The herbal treatment processes are actually good and also give your skin nutrition along with treating it. Many are turning to them because of their lack of side effects and also because they are a natural way of treating your acne.

Can Acne Be Treated?
Now, this will be a misconception in ALL ethnicities. Almost everyone believes that your skin once messed with will never be the same again. Well, I’m being loud and clear here now when I say that is not true. Acne can definitely be treated and there are various ways of doing it as mentioned above. True, it takes a lot of time but then treating the skin is a gradual process. It does not become okay in a day or even in a week’s time. It takes up to several weeks or even several months for your skin to be the same again. But know this, it can be.  All you need to do is follow the right treatment path and ensure that you are following it religiously. Patience is also needed as you will have to wait for quite some time to see the results.

You should act smartly. If you have light skin and are from areas where there is more sun, then you should know that the probability of your skin getting acne is much higher than people from other areas, especially dark skinned people. You should take better care of your skin.



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