Introduction And Background

There are many things that trigger acne and there are many things that aggravate acne even further. But there are few things that trigger acne as well as aggravate it and acne sometimes even causes it! Depression is one of those things. We all take it very lightly in our life and we hardly pay attention to the silence of our friends or the complaints of our children. However, it is a very serious matter that needs to be paid attention to and dealt with. It is of the utmost importance to let those with acne know that it is something that will go away soon. A support system is necessary.

Why Does Acne Cause Depression?
Acne easily causes depression. Think about it yourself. In this age and world, who would like having spots on their faces? The bar has been upped by all the models and movie stars we see on television with perfect skin. Everyone longs to be like them. Even the slightest pimple could bring tears in the eyes of teenage girls and we’re talking about full blown acne here! Kids can also be mean and they’re not understanding at all at such a young age. Teasing and taunting occurs a lot in schools which is also a reason for depression. The confidence is lowered. The self-esteem is gone. In short, everything gets messed up for the person. A beautiful face is what everyone wants in every age. Why do old people turn to age reducing creams? And they’ve spent their entire lifetime. Think what the teenagers and young adults would feel like if they had acne. It makes it all the more worse when people around you do not understand what you’re going through and have flawless skin.

Why Does Depression Cause Acne?
As said above, the thing is vice versa. Acne can cause depression. Depression can also cause acne. You know why acne can cause depression, now it is time to know why people with depression can also get acne. There are various reasons behind it. They are written in point form to make it easier for you to understand.

  • A depressed person rarely takes care of themselves. They do not maintain hygiene at times. Sometimes they do not even worry about the diet they are taking in. All in all, their living lifestyle can become pretty unhealthy which can lead to spots and pimples.
  • Depression releases certain hormones in the body which can trigger a reaction on the skin such as inflammation or redness.
  • Depressed people are often under a lot of stress. Stress again is pretty bad for the acne and they can again release hormones which can aggravate the skin and cause acne.

Symptoms Of Depression In Acne
There are various symptoms of depression but they are very specific in acne.

  • Low self-esteem is the very first symptom. People start to think less of themselves and that is really awful. No one should have to go through that.
  • Low self-confidence follows next. When one doesn’t think much of themselves, they automatically become unsure and less confident. They shy away from the society and public gatherings and more often than not become a hermit. Only their friends would be able to recognize the difference because this sometimes escapes the parents as well as siblings.
  • Stress and extreme unhappiness can follow. When depressed over acne, people get even more worried when their acne doesn’t go away in a few days. They need to understand that they have to be patient.
  • Suicidal thoughts are rare but there have been reports. The reports are not very few in number. In some areas of the world, the teasing and life becomes so horrible with acne that young children think of ending their lives even. Of course, such drastic measures are not popular or common at all but they do exist. Think about that.

How To Heal…?
There are various ways in which you can heal your own depression over acne or the depression of someone you know. The first thing to do is tell yourself or a friend who has acne that this is not the end of the world. Your skin will heal itself. There are thousands who have had acne but have successfully managed to get rid of it. Keep that in mind. The next thing to do is to liven it up by starting the treatment process and the right one. Help your friends to find out their own treatments that will suit their skin best. Misery loves company.

Reading the article might change your mind about taking depression caused by acne lightly. It can really shatter a person. The face is a very important thing and nowadays, a lot of importance is placed on looks. If anything ruins that…you know the rest.


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