Introduction And Background

The cure for acne is as desirable as the cure for common cold. Actually, considering how important outer beauty suddenly is to this decade, the cure for acne is more wanted than the common cold! Although there is no sure short method of treating acne, there is no one solution to it, you can still cure it by using what you know best. For instance, you can use the best dermal creams, the best lotions for acne and also use the best herbal and home remedies to cure it. And…you can also use broccoli! Surprised? You won’t be surprised after you read ahead to find out how and why broccoli is used against acne.

Acne And It’s Complications
Acne is not a complicated skin condition at all. It is easy to diagnose and after talking to the person who has it, it is usually easy to figure out why they have acne. That may be the case but the fact remains that acne brings about a lot of other complications even if it itself is not a complicated condition. It can make the person extremely agitated and depressed. In most schools, those teens who have acne think very lowly of themselves and their classmates do not really do anything to help the situation or make it better. Even thoughts of suicides have been reported. Acne itself is not a dangerous condition as it does not cause any harm to your physical health but other than that it ruins your appearance and cause an intense amount of emotional and mental harm. Treating it is of the utmost importance, especially for kids who suffer emotionally at it the most.

Acne And Broccoli
Now let’s get to the interesting part. What does broccoli have to do with curing and helping on acne? It helps on a lot of things. You should try to understand how broccoli helps acne. Read on further, help yourself.

  • Having broccoli in your diet has shown incredible improvement in curing acne as well as preventing acne in the first place. We all know vegetables are really good for the skin. Broccoli is one of the best vegetables that you can eat to improve your skin conditions. The taste might not be desired but if you want to get rid of your acne quickly, it is best to have it in your meals.
  • Broccoli contains Sulforaphane which is the compound that has really shocked everybody, especially doctors. This compound can give you immense protection against sunlight. If you do not want to eat broccoli to get an advantage of this but you have to apply this compound on to your face. You will get all the healthy benefits of sunlight without causing any damage or exposure to it. Acne is severely damaged in sunlight and the pimples and spots often darken and become more permanent in it. But how long can we avoid sunlight for? Hence, this magnificent compound is here to save! And where do we get it from? Broccoli! Just think about it, you need not spend a lot of money on sunblocks and sunscreens. Just get yourself broccoli!
  • Your immunity system has to be up to the mark to battle with acne. Acne is also caused by bacteria and the body has to battle against that too. Hence, it is best to battle with acne with broccoli as it has enzymes, vitamins and minerals that boost the immunity system and also fight bad cells in the body. Think about it, having an entire protection system inside the body provided by this green vegetable.
  • Broccoli has antioxidants that help fight acne. Broccoli also has certain elements in it which enable the human body to relieve the effects of acne.
  • Broccoli improves skin cells and also increases the elasticity of the skin as well. Not only does it fight off cancer but it also makes the skin younger looking. Looks like you get more than you bargained for with broccoli, doesn’t it?

The Wonders!
You might have been pretty surprised about all these details of broccoli, yes? Well, now are you convinced that broccoli has the ability to fight off acne? As you can see, it has compounds, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. And we all know how healthy and beneficial they are, to fight off acne and for the general health as well!

Is it now safe to assume that your refrigerators will now be stocked with broccoli? Have broccoli and see the difference yourself in your skin after a few weeks. Not only will you see your skin color improve, you will also see that the inflammation has lessened and the spots are becoming lighter than before. Try it out and see for yourself, you will also become a broccoli fan!





  1. What a cute video! I can only get my 21 month old to eat kale chips. My 9 and 7 year old don’t care for them. Maybe I’ll have them make them next time Hope you are doing well after the arrival of blcocori. I listen to all the podcasts can’t wait for the next one.


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