Introduction And Background

Acne sometimes come from sources that we are pretty unaware of. For example, no one would ever tell you that you can get acne from sleeping on the same sheets for weeks. That is right! You can. But the thing is that no one will ever tell you about it. You will have to find it out on your own. But it is one of the leading causes for acne these days. Another thing that can cause acne is birth control. Now this, you all would know because it is clearly written on the birth control measure and your doctor will inform you of this as well. But now there is another side to the story. Some say that birth control can actually treat acne too. Read the article further to know more about this.

What Is Acne?
Acne does not need any introduction but you should know a few things about it. One or two pimples on the body which are far away from each other are not acne. Acne is a pretty serious skin condition in which the skin is riddled with a lot of pimples or spots that are scattered in an area. And acne is not only on the skin but it goes deeper than that. Acne has the power to truly affect us mentally and emotionally. Think about it yourself, a teenager who is barely able to deal with the puberty changes has to suddenly face an onset of whiteheads on his forehead. Won’t that crush him somehow, considering that his age fellows will probably make the situation worse by making fun of him? Those who have acne have very low self-esteem and even complain of thoughts of suicide. For so young a person, that is actually alarming. And it doesn’t only happen with youngsters though, the pain of acne can be felt even in middle aged people.

Acne And Birth Control; The Good Side
Everyone who knows acne by now know that acne and hormones have a pretty close relationship. In fact, most of the people who get acne get it because of some sort of hormonal imbalance that they cannot control. But there are some sort of hormonal imbalances that one can control or utilize. This is where birth control pills come in. For all those who do not know what birth control pills are, they are a contraceptive method that is most often used by women around the world. Birth control pills contain a fair amount of estrogen and progesterone which are both hormones that play a major role in a woman’s body. They can basically control the excess oil and sebum that is produced by the body. Think about it yourself for a moment. Sebum is what clogs the pores and causes acne most of the time. If you are controlling that and also reducing the amount of androgens that the body produces, you are controlling affects that it may have on your skin. This is the good side to birth control, other than controlling conception of course! But who knew that birth control pills can treat acne! However, there is also another side that one must consider.

Acne And Birth Control; The Other Side
There is another side that you must consider as well before going ahead and using birth control pills to treat your acne. Firstly, you must confirm what kind of birth control pills you are taking. Some kinds have a different amount of hormones while some might prove to be unsuitable to the body. It all depends on what your doctor tells you and what you think you need. You also need to get good birth control pills that have been approved by the authorities rather than just getting the local brand. Remember, you are treating acne which is a sensitive issue in a sensitive area. It deserves the best.

This is mostly for women. Of course, we never see men taking birth control pills! Hence, this method of treating acne or helping cure it along with other measures is a way that women can make use of. Men will of course have to find something new or stick to the treatment methods that have been outlined in general usage.

Acne is a severe condition and it must be given full attention and thought. Most people make the mistake of not understanding this skin condition or not giving it enough importance. It can actually ruin or change the life of a person drastically. This means that if you have acne or if you know someone who has acne, take the path of recovery for yourself or them and help other in any way you can as well. The sooner one gets rid of acne, the better it is.



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