Introduction And Background

People have a lot of misconceptions about acne. Either they believe that it will get alright soon as they grow up or either they think that the world has ended because they have some sort of incurable disease. They also believe that acne is contagious. They also believe that acne occurs due to some sort of allergy. What is true and what is not? Well, acne is certainly not contagious and it can be cured. It isn’t a disease either but rather a skin condition which gives teenagers a lot of trauma and trouble but it can be cured. Then what is the link between acne and allergy? Read on further to find out.

Is There A Link Between Acne And Allergy?
Let’s get right down to it. We know that allergy has certain symptoms and that acne has certain symptoms. If you look at the two symptoms, you will see a certain similarity forming there such as the redness of the skin, the patches and the inflammation which occurs as well as the uneven bumps that form. But the thing that confuses most people…is there a link between the two? Allergies are something else and acne is something else right? People do not generally associate the two together. But the thing is, they are linked. Acne does not cause allergies of course but allergies certainly cause acne.

How Are They Connected?
Get an explanation of something first. Allergy has certain symptoms. You have read the line above which explains how those symptoms are similar to acne. You have also read above that acne does not cause allergies but as a matter of fact it is the other way around. The thing is, acne is a symptom of allergy itself. People do complain that their skin was irritated by something and when they woke up the next morning, they had two or three pimples on that irritated area. If they further continue doing whatever they did to irritate their skin, more pimples form. This, in general science, is taken to be an allergic reaction. Some people are allergic to sea food. If they eat sea food, their entire throat swells up and their cheeks inflate too. Spots and pimples also appear as a reaction to what they’ve taken. That appears because of the allergic reaction. It can turn into a case of acne too!

A Daily Exposure
Some people are allergic to the sun. Of course, they do not die if they go in the sun but their skin starts having severe reactions to the rays even if the time of exposure is normal for other human beings. They either form white patches on the skin or they get blotches or spots or even pimples that will form immediately. That is also a reaction that can turn into acne.

What You Eat…
Ah, this is the most interesting part. A lot of people blame dairy products for their acne problems. Third world countries are not giving the proper feed on their farms and give certain hormones that eventually have an allergic reaction on humans when they eat the processed food of animals from the farm. Even eating eggs can have such an effect. The thing is, that is again an allergic reaction which leads to chronic cases of acne. Most have even said that when they stopped eating poultry and eggs and other such dairy products, their skin became better. If they ate vegetables and fruits, their skin flourished! So what you eat can also have a reaction internally which can lead to acne.

The Strong Link
The article would explain what a strong link allergy and acne have to one another. Acne is not contagious at all and it cannot travel around but it can form due to an allergic reaction and it does form that way. In America, most of the kids are not having the proper diet as they once used to since fast food and other such things are so in nowadays. The acne problems are increasing this way. Children having acne have increased considerably from the rate they were ten years ago. The rate they are not at…doctors are really afraid that with this sort of increase, skin cure treatments will be countless. Products which are acne based could make millions with the way acne is sky rocketing.

The only thing you can do is to keep your body safe and secure. But for that, you have to know your body well. Everyone has different allergies. I have twin brothers. One of them has acne and one doesn’t although they have the same diet. Once the one with acne stopped eating two eggs a day and switched to eating either pasta or bread in the morning. His acne got better. Everyone reacts in a different way. Know yourself better.


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