Introduction And Background
Beauty is skin deep. Well, it actually means that the inner beauty counts more but in this article we will actually consider it to be the layers of the skin. Everyone wants to be beautiful. And for that to happen, everyone wants beautiful skin. They want flawless skin. They do not want wrinkles to arise before the estimated age and they certainly do not want any acne or pimples. Well, for that to happen, skin maintenance is an important matter. One should always take care of their skin. They should nourish it and pamper it. In this article, there will be discussion of seven such tips that you never knew before.

  1. 1.      Drink A Lot Of Water
    This is the first tip that will help you on the way to skin beauty. People don’t really give enough emphasis to the essence behind drinking water. More often than not, we just drink water to quench our thirst. Those who live in colder areas often drink only two to three glasses of water a day without thinking twice about it. This is really bad. Even if they do not feel thirsty, they are slowly dehydrating themselves from the inside. That means that they are also dehydrating their skin. Water gives life to skin and can actually make your skin look ten to twenty years younger if you drink a lot of it. It reduces the toxicity in your body. It makes your skin fresher and gives a glow to it. My aunt from my mother’s side has the capacity which is equal to that of a camel. She seems to be in love with drinking water whether it be day or night. And even though we’re a good forty years apart, I am not lying when I say her skin looks better than mine.
  2. 2.      Sun Is Important…But Only For Fifteen To Twenty Minutes
    Don’t get this wrong. No one is telling you to stay away from the sun. The sun gives life to the skin too and it is so very important for the production of vitamin D in the body which is again another vital body element. When a person doesn’t go out in the sun at all, their skin becomes all pale and sallow looking. They look weak and generally ill, even if they aren’t. Hence, it is good to have a daily dosage of sun but make sure that it does not exceed a certain time limit. Staying out in the sun for too long makes the skin age more quickly. The skin can also get burnt and more melanin is produces, a color pigment of the skin which darkens it considerably. Get a twenty minute sunbathe if you really like to do so but other than that, don’t burn your skin.
  3. 3.      Wash Your Face Before Sleeping
    Another habit which is very uncommon. Only twenty percent of the population of the world has this habit and most of them are women who are just removing their make-up during the night. Washing the face before sleeping is essential. Do not let your skin remain the way it is. It has had its share of wear and tear and dirt and exposure and it needs to be cleansed properly before you doze off.
  4. 4.      Creams And Lotions In Winters
    We only see old women doing this. Youngsters should be doing this too. In winters, our skin becomes more dry and has the tendency to become scaly. We do not pay attention to it when we are young and only begin to notice it when we are older. Well, dry skin brings on wrinkles at an early age. It is better to moisturize your skin in winters so that nothing of that sort happens.
  5. 5.      Do Not Eat Too Many Eggs
    Although there is no direct relation between the two, eggs have been known to cause acne or some sort of pimples if you have them too much. Although eggs are amazingly good for health and almost everyone has one for breakfast, one is enough. Only one egg per day is perfect. Having any more than that will not be good for the skin.
  6. 6.      Be Gentle While Cleansing
    We often think that rubbing ruggedly and harshly will get off the dead skin cells. Actually, it only destroys further the inner layer of the skin. The dead skin cells can be rubbed off but they can be rubbed off gently as well. No one needs to be harsh with their skin otherwise it reflects on skin beauty. Hence, soaping lightly in circles on the face and around the body is what helps most.
  7. 7.      Sleep Clean And Well
    Sleeping patterns have been known to cause weak skin as well as dark circles. Areas where you sleep should have clean sheets too as they are a leading cause of acne and other such skin conditions. It is a necessity for skin beauty.

The diet you eat is important too but everyone knows about the link of food and skin. This article was to make you aware of things you usually wouldn’t give much attention too. Follow these instructions and your skin will be beautiful if it isn’t already.


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